Bär is a leading global brand for manually operated switches. Bär offer the industry’s most comprehensive combination of technology, engineering and manufacturing to satisfy all your actuation design needs. From stand-alone push button, rocker and momentary products to complete value-added solutions; they can do it all for you.   The flagship product line within the Baer switch range is the TIPPPMATIC® series. These automatic shut off switches range from a basic timer to an intelligent microprocessor based switch that can be integrated with an end product’s control unit. Baer products are selected by industry leaders whose premier brands demand unequalled performance and quality. The brand is continually integrating more functionality within the switches and customizing the human interface to match contemporary trends in product design.

Burgess is the leading global brand for industrial switches. A pioneer of snap-action technology, the Burgess brand stands for innovative, robust solutions for industrial switch requirements. Snap-action switches have to fulfil a wide variety of functions. The standard Burgess range ensures there will be a switch for your needs, with one of the broadest product portfolios around. From ultraminiature to metal-housed basic types, they have the type appropriate to your application, whether it is signal or power switching, high or low force actuation. The sealed switch is a Burgess speciality. In demanding environments – wet, humid or dusty – even the most sensitive signal can be switched reliably with IP67 rated products. The robust metal-housed switches offer impact resistance outside whilst switching with precision inside.

CDC ELETTROMECCANICA develops, manufactures and sells personalized timers, engines and gearmotors. Their main clients are the most important manufacturers of professional dishwashers, glasswashers, ice machines, ovens, refrigeration counters, egg incubators and many more.

The company currently employs 30 people and has a network of selected partner companies that take its production organization to over 70 employees.

DYNAMCO began operations in 1967 with the goal to design, manufacture and market the highest performance, highest quality, most reliable valves in the pneumatic industry. Today, DYNAMCO is an integrated manufacturing company with a large complement of machine tools, assembly fixtures, inspection and test equipment. They are financially strong and independent which means the customers get better service and support. They sell products throughout the world through the highest qualified independent distributors.

A Leader in Innovation and Quality EVERSWITCH has been a pioneer in PIEZO metal user-interface controls for 25 years. All products are designed for touch and come in a wide variety of configurations and functions. EVERSWITCH PIEZO switches and keypads are state-of-the-art, high-quality, hyper-rugged and provide worry free operation for years in extreme environments. Requiring no external power for switch operation, embedded in any shape or form of material according to customers request. 

A Leader in Touch Metal Technology EVERSWITCH is a leading global supplier of metal touch enabled technology.  Baran’s Advanced Technologies Ltd portfolio encompasses the broadest selection of OEM Touch Metal switches, keypads and keyboards.  Their technology is designed into critical applications across diverse industries:  petrochemical refineries, luxury white appliances, industrial automation, outdoor kiosks, sterile laboratories, car wash equipment, meat processing, aviation, oceanographic, point of sale terminals … to name just a few.

FLO CONTROL is an Italian based worldwide recognized manufacturer of magnetic valves and systems of high quality. With more than 50 years experience in design and production of high quality.
In house realization of all vital parts including coils, valve bodies and other machined parts, enables optimal control on quality and deliveries.

To be used for air, vacuum and non-aggressive gasses, water and non-aggressive fluids and aggressive gasses and fluids.

Giovenzana, leader in the industrial technology field, is the first choice for:

  • Handling equipment
  • Automation
  • Lifting equipment
  • Maintenance

Development, design and production are combined to reach a common goal and cover most industrial applications.

The solutions offered by Giovenzana result from the company’s extensive knowledge of the requirements of industrial electrical accessories, and are in line with all relevant international standards. The solutions fall into three main sectors: industrial automation, lift and lifting equipment.

Automation includes Phoenix cam switches from 12 to 630 A and Regolus switch disconnectors from 25 to 160 A; Pegasus control auxiliaries with screw or spring cage terminal contacts blocks; limit switches with safety switches and either die cast or moulded casing; foot switches and micro switches.

Throughout the years, continuous technological research and development has made Giovenzana the undisputed leader in its field. The range includes:

  • pit bottom push button stations
  • recall drive control units
  • inspection boxes

Lifting equipment comprises of single and double row pendant stations up to 14 gang for control and direct switching, position and rotary gear limit switches, slip rings, warning horns, busbar conductor rails and festoon system.

Buildings affect people every moment of every day. Honeywell is transforming the way buildings operate to help improve the quality of life for the people who use them. We help the buildings that are part of our lives – where we work, learn, shop, have fun, receive care and travel – to be safer, more productive and more energy conscious.

Our ready now technologies are solving big problems – like how to reduce the carbon impact of buildings. We’re connecting systems that weren’t designed to be connected to make building portfolios easier to manage and optimize. We’re changing the way people experience buildings to suit their needs, not a 9-5 schedule.

Specialist in pressure measuring technique

Huba Control develops, manufactures and markets components designed exclusively for the measurement of pressure and flow. The components of Huba’s pressure measurement technology include both pressure switches (on/off switching elements), sensors and pressure transmitters (sensors with built-in amplifier electronics).

With its clear focus on pressure measurement technology Huba Control is able to develop innovative products across a very broad spectrum, covering an extensive range of applications for the optimisation of machine, system and plant processes.

IMI FAS is world leader in motion and fluid control technologies. Wherever precision, speed and engineering reliability are essential, they deliver exceptional solutions which improve the productivity and efficiency of our customers’ equipment. The IMI FAS range offers a comprehensive portfolio of miniature fluid control solutions which provide successful, consistent performance at the heart of demanding applications. IMI FAS is focused on miniature solenoid valve technology including proportional technology and media separated isolation valves.

Johnson Electric, the world leader in micro motors, offers custom engineering solutions based on a wide range of low voltage DC and high voltage DC motor platforms. The low voltage DC platform provides power density and compact packaging options. The high voltage DC range provides power density and space saving advantages versus traditional AC motors in similar applications.

Johnson Electric offers a wide range of motors precisely engineered to meet the performance demands of specific AC applications, including home technologies, garden equipment, electric starters and ventilation products. Various motor technologies, Universal, Shaded Pole and Synchronous, are selected to best match critical power, size, speed and torque requirements and are customized to satisfy the specific performance challenges of customers.

Johnson Electric continue to advance AC motor technology to bring differentiation to customers’ products. Our latest technology breakthrough is the Quattro Pole motor which packs more power into a smaller space with higher efficiency.

Marketed under the Ledex Brand, Johnson Electric offers a diverse range of rotary and linear solenoids.

These industry leading products include our high speed, short stroke rotary solenoids such as the BTA and Ultimag series and our long life, medium stroke linear solenoids including open frame, tubular and low profile product families.
From very large rotary solenoids found in material handling to the smallest open frame linear solenoids used in precision diagnostic equipment.

Ledex offer long life, quiet operation, battery operation and magnetic latching solutions. The broad portfolio of product technologies is custom engineered to meet the requirements of each application.

The acquisition of M&M International Srl (M&M), adds a complete range of solenoid valve products to the Rotork Instruments division.
Established for over 30 years, M&M is a leading manufacturer of general purpose solenoid valves, air actuated piston valves, automatic drain valves, connectors, coils and customised instrumentation solutions used throughout the commercial and industrial flow control industries.

From its base at Bergamo, Italy, M&M completes the instrumentation products and services provided by Rotork Midland and provides a focal point for solenoid valve and piston actuated valve manufacturing in the Rotork Group.

Johnson Electric is a leader in microswitch technology with its precision microswitches under the Saia brand and its industrial rated microswitches under the Burgess brand.

The microswitches are offered in Ultraminiature, Subminiature, Miniature and Standard series. Within these product series, the microswitches are segmented by power rating, temperature rating, operating forces, environmental specifications and packaging. Many of the switches are custom engineered for specific industry applications.

Saia and Burgess products are selected by industry leaders who require 100% consistent and accurate performance in critical functions as are found in vending machines, and ATM’s. For safety related applications in industrial and materials handling equipment, Saia and Burgess products are the perfect choice. The microswitch product lines are constantly evolving to define the leading edge in technical performance and human factors.

We are continually integrating more functionality within and customizing the human interface to match contemporary trends in product design. Johnson Electric R&D is focused on providing ongoing differentiation to the customers. Switches are approved according to the standards of UL 1054, EN 61058-1 and UL 61058-1. Additional approvals such as CSA and CCC are available on request.

Saia-Burgess Controls AG is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Honeywell Group, which has been developing, manufacturing and marketing control and control products since 1978.

These products have an exceptionally long life and are used mainly in heating, ventilation and air-conditioning systems.

With annual turnover of 68 million Euro and 200 employees, the Swiss company, whose head office is in Morat, is a renowned manufacturer of automation systems for the technical management of buildings and energy, infrastructure and machinery.

Companies across numerous industries rely on the quality products made by Schlegel. These solutions are used wherever a process shall be initiated at a push of a button: On instrument panels of lifts, ships or special vehicles. In machine tools and production equipment. In porter’s control panels of swimming pools, department stores or administrative buildings. Or in switch cabinets of different kinds.

Shield is an Italian company based in Cavaglietto, near Novara and Milano.

Shield produces wiring systems for electrovalves and sensors: manufacturing of connectors, distribution boxes, sensors, switches and cables for industrial hydraulic, pneumatic and electrical automation, illumination and conditioning systems, trucks and transportation, construction equipments and machinery in general.

Contact Evolution collaborates closely with the company Spälti in order to represent it throughout the French-speaking part of Switzerland.

With a team of 10 people, Spälti advises, promotes and ships the products of 12 international manufacturers in the field of industrial electronics and electrical engineering for machine, control and plant builders.

You can find the complete range of Spälti products here (

Do not hesitate to contact us for more information.

Johnson Electric provides a wide range of high quality, versatile panel mounted switches and indicators. These industry leading products include our tamper-proof piezo switches with haptic feedback, key switches for ultimate security and compact E-stop switches for safety functions. Their panel mounted product lines are constantly evolving to define the leading edge in technical performance and human value. They continue to integrating increased functionality within switches and customized human interfaces to match current needs in control panel and machine design. Their panel mounted switches and indicators have a high degree of flexible modularity and a wide range of illumination, colors and actuator options. The small size and reduced product depth provides the ideal panel design with a consistent look and feel for the end user.